How is BREXIT affecting your business ?

How is BREXIT affecting your business ?

Are you paying more for your goods and materials today than you were June 2016?

Purchasing from overseas - China, Italy etc. with non sterling currencies?

We Can Help :

We are a British Company. We manufacture in Britain and invoice in STERLING

  • Would you like to reduce your costs?
  • Would you like no loss of profit due to falling exchange rates and weakening of the pound ?

At Ras Plastic Cards our Quality, Fast Turnaround, Great Service and Top Class Customer Care have always been the mainstay of our Company but we understand that cheaper goods from overseas may have led you away from the UK for your Plastic Card supplies. 

Now you can make up to a 15% reduction in the cost of your Plastic Card supplies by purchasing from us in STERLING.

  • Card volumes from as little as 500 cards up to 250,000 cards
  • Purchase 100,000 + cards for some great new rates

Please contact Neil O'Keefe or our Sales Team for a comptetive quote  on 0151 650 0200   or email                                                   sales